Stainless Steel Casters

Casters (body, mounting plate, etc.) manufactured from stainless steel with stainless steel swivel bearings need no lubrication to prevent corrosion. Although stainless steel axles in combination with an outer PTFE bushing provide self-lubrication of the wheel/axle surfaces, they still need to be replaced periodically. But PTFE bushes are relatively cheap and easy to replace, and are less time-consuming in maintenance than manual lubrication.

Casters With Full Thermosetting Plastic Wheels

Thermosetting plastics, particularly phenolics, are widely used in the food industry because they withstand high temperatures and can carry high loads. However, they can become damaged by poor quality flooring and by defects in floors, such as concrete joints and ridges. Phenolic wheeled caster types are often worn to a flatter profile or their tread is spalling. Some phenolic wheels may suffer from breakup due to impact damage, while others may absorb water when subject to damp or wet conditions for long periods. Hence, the correct type of phenolic must be selected if washing is carried out routinely.

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