Measures to Eliminate Vibratory Effects

Install gauges at those points in the process/utility system that will remain free of vibration during operation, because liquid-filled and mechanical gauges are prone to failure by vibration. Glass tubes of the liquid-filled gauges may break, and the delicate links, pivots, and pinions of the mechanical gauges may become damaged. Pulsation dampeners can help to absorb pressure shocks and average out pressure fluctuations. To dampen pointer vibration and gauge lifetime, the pointer gauge housing is usually filled with a viscous oil (Section on mechanical gauges) (Moerman, 2013b).

Measures to Eliminate the Effect of Magnetic Fields and Electrical Potentials

Measurement cables that are too long (connector cables between the sensor and the pressure gauge control unit) should be avoided because strong interfering magnetic leakage fields or electrical potentials can falsify pressure measurements. Wireless transfer of data between pressure measurement instrumentation and control equipment is highly recommended (Moerman, 2013b).

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