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A short course of lectures
«Investments: An Introduction»

Leave investing to the professionalsPhase 2: adulthood to maturity (20-40) Programme the child's mind to be an inquiring oneChoose this day carefully and prepare yourself emotionallyProperty unit trustsLearning outcomesNurture relationships in business with like-minded people and avoid negatively-focused peopleElement 4: financial marketsCapital asset pricing modelBehavioural finance theorySpot and derivative marketsModern portfolio theoryShare marketThe life-cycle and investingFinance lifestyle assets with excess fundsBe cognizant of behavioural finance (the psychology of the market)Phase 1: newborn to adulthood (0-20) Element 5: money creationSecurities unit trustsLearning outcomesRisk-free rateLong-term insurersBond market instrumentsDiversification is criticalAsset allocation over the life-cycleBe quietly competitiveDo not become dependent on the largesse of your spouseValuation of sharesRisk and return: the recordLearning outcomesHave no regrets upon exodusReal investmentsDefinition and objective of investmentRead up on the cognitive development stages of offspringNever fall in love with an investmentBe aware of the principal-agent dilemmaRetirement fundsAggressively repay debtThere is no simple formula to make you wealthyUnderspendPhase 4: seniority to exodus (60-80+) Undertake SKI holidaysChoose your career with careCash out and separate business risk from personal assetsThe instruments (ultimate investments) of the ultimate borrowersAppreciate market liquidityOther real investmentsLessons from the theories and maxims The financial systemMoney market instrumentsUndertake one career and become accomplished at itProvide sound education inside and outside institutions of learningPhase 1: 0-20Measuring risk and returnElement 3: financial instrumentsDo not bow to peer pressureElement 1: lenders and borrowersForeign investmentsNurture your health and family lifeUndertake a lifelong love affair with macroeconomics and the political environmentPursue happinessPhase 3: maturity to seniority (40-60)Do not lend money to anyoneAppreciate the significance of the risk-free rateInvestment principlesFour phases of the life-cycleUndertake lifelong continuing educationValuation of other real assetsTime value of moneyRelationship between risk and returnPromote an ethos of sound money managementConcrete operational stage (7-11 years)Invest assets wiselyDerivative market instruments: futures and optionsRisk and returnPhase 4: 60-80+Private equity fundsCommoditiesAllied participants in the financial systemElement 6: price discoveryDo not be led by technical analysisFundamental analysis (aka firm foundation theory) (security valuation)Insure your life onlyUnderstand macroeconomics and mean reversionValuation of futures and optionsElement 2: financial intermediariesFormal operational stage (11-15+ years)Drive home the philosophy that wealth has two legs: monetary and non-monetaryTop-down investing is wisePortfolio managementAppreciate the life-cycle consumption theoryEfficient market hypothesisPhase 2: 20-40Six elements of the financial systemOther rules which apply throughout or during part of your life-cycleWhat are risk and return?Preoperational stage (2-7 years)The instruments of the financial intermediariesInvestment instrumentsLearning outcomesResist the Indiana Jones temptation to make a comebackTake on debt, but with much thoughtInvestment environmentSensorimotor stage (0-2 years)OTC and exchange-driven marketsContinue to invest assets wiselyPrimary and secondary marketsShare market instrumentsInvestment theories and maxims Life-cycle of happinessForeign exchange marketPromote a rock-solid emotional backbonePhase 3: 40-60Investment vehiclesValuation of fixed-interest securitiesValuation of commoditiesValuation of participation interestsChoose your life partner with careBase investment decisions on their FVPProperty Of the real investments, property is the most significant investment for the retail investor (individual)Read up on the undisputed "Out of Africa" theoryHedge fundsAsset classesExchange traded fundsDebt marketValuation of income-producing propertyBe kind to people with humble stations (positions) in lifeNurture and exploit your personal brand
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