Survey instrument

This survey aimed to explore and test the attractiveness of the Soshanguve Township tourism product to visitors to the City of Tshwane’s CBD attractions.

Considering that the Soshanguve community has unique tourism products, such as the eco-friendly natural environment found around the Tswaing meteorite crater, to complement the community’s diverse cultural heritage, the survey instrument was constructed around an inventory of activities that the respondents would like to engage in during a holiday. The survey instrument was composed of both natural and man-made attractions.

The motivation was to give the respondents a comprehensive spectrum from which to portray their holiday interest and through this means reveal whether they would be interested in complementing their holiday to Pretoria (urban tourism) with a visit to the township (rural tourism). The survey instrument consisted of a scale ranging from 1 to 4, with 1 corresponding with ‘not important’, 2 indicating ‘less important’, 3 indicating ‘important’ and 4 corresponding with ‘very important’. Respondents were asked to indicate the importance they attached to each activity during their holiday.

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