Data collection

During the period between 5 and 27 September 2013, visitors to various City of Tshwane attractions were approached and invited to take part in the study. After a brief narrative explaining the purpose of the study, visitors who fitted into the definition of tourists and agreed to take part in the study were handed the questionnaire to complete. Those who were not residents and agreed to participate in the study were provided the questionnaire for completion. In total, 401 questionnaires were successfully completed, 34% were from the South African Police Museum, 26% were collected at the Union Buildings, 22% from Freedom Park, 11% from the Voortrekker Monument, 3% from Church Square, 1% from Burgers Park and 3% from various events around the city.

Data analysis

The data collected were coded and initially captured on an Excel spreadsheet before being transferred into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software program for analysis. Descriptive statistical methods were then used to portray a general perspective on the issues considered important by visitors.

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