The San Francisco-Napa Valley Relationship

San Francisco/Bay Area visitor characteristics and economic impact

San Francisco consistently ranks as a top vacation destination in the USA. According to Trip Advisor (2015), San Francisco was ranked by the website’s users as the sixth best destination in the USA. Some of the city’s major attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, the Asian Art Museum and Alcatraz Island (San Francisco Travel Association, n.d.a). In 2013, San Francisco attracted nearly 17 million visitors to the area; visitor spending in local businesses accounted for over US$9.3 billion, generated over $600 million in tax revenue and supported over 67,000 jobs (San Francisco Travel Association, n.d.b). California residents represent the majority of visitors, although the city draws many visitors from the wealthiest cities around the United States (San Francisco Travel Association, n.d.b). A survey released by the San Francisco Travel Association (n.d.c) found that 75% of visitors travelled to the city for leisure purposes and over half of respondents said they were on ‘vacation’ or a ‘getaway weekend’.

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