Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Background

FHR, formerly referred to as the Canadian Pacific Hotels & Resorts, is a Canadian luxury hotel brand. FHR manages hotels under two subsidiaries, Fairmont and Delta, each with their own distinct brand identity. Fairmont’s ethos reflects a ‘connection to the environment, as well as the communities where their business takes place’ (FHR, 2013). Fairmont has 78 properties internationally. Several of the Canadian Fairmont properties are recognized as famous historical hotels, such as the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City; Banff Springs, Alberta; the Royal York, Toronto; Chateau Laurier, Ottawa; and the Empress Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia. A few international landmark properties include The Plaza, New York; Savoy Hotel, London; Peace Hotel, Shanghai; and the Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel, Makkah (FHR, 2015).

In 2007 FHR released The Green Partnership Guide, providing practical information on how large-scale hotels and businesses can incorporate green practices (FHR, 2016a). FHR has demonstrated a commitment to, and on-going interest in, striving to improve its environmental impact through minimizing its impact on the environment by making operational improvements in regard to waste management, and energy and water conservation. Second, it is working at a corporate level to foster partnerships and accreditations that can assist in the promotion of environmental issues and be an active steward. Third, FHR strives to follow best practices including working with individual properties to develop innovative community outreach programmes involving local groups whilst ensuring local ecosystems are protected (FHR, 2010). A socially responsible tone and concerted interests in sustainable operations are evident in the way FHR conducts business; accordingly there is a need to better understand how it operates. The following discussion will explore the CS practices of FHR based on the documents, websites and newspaper articles reviewed.

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