The economic indicator handbook: how to evaluate economic trends to maximize profits and minimize lo

The Daily BlotterThe Economic CalendarEconomist Estimates and ExpectationsThe Bloomberg Economic Surprise IndexThe Events CalendarThe Economic Statistics Table (ECST)The Powerful Economic WorkbenchThe Bloomberg Orange Book of CEO CommentsThe Treasury and Money Market RatesThe Bloomberg Financial Conditions MonitorTest YourselfThe Business CycleLeading, Lagging, and Coincident IndicatorsCoincident IndicatorsForward-Looking Leading IndexesThe Lagging Index and the Coincident-to-Lagging RatioThe Chicago National Activity IndexThe Yield Curve as a Predictor of the Business Cycle"Nowcasting" Economic ActivityThe Best Representation of U.S. Economic ActivityTest YourselfGross Domestic Product (GDP)CompositionNominal and Real ValuesConsumption ExpendituresInvestment SpendingInventoriesGovernment SpendingNet ExportsDeflatorsFinal SalesCorporate ProfitsGross Domestic IncomeTest YourselfThe Labor Market and EmploymentEmployment and the Business CycleTwo Measures of Employment: Payrolls and HouseholdsHousehold SurveyEstablishment SurveyUnemploymentThe Labor ForceHiring of Temporary WorkersEmployment Trends of Various Age CohortsThe Duration of UnemploymentTime and Full-Time EmploymentPrice of Labor and EarningsHours WorkedLeaving the Labor ForceEmployment Diffusion IndexesRelated MeasuresTest YourselfRetail SalesDifferent PerspectivesAnecdotal EvidenceLuxury SalesShortcomingsCorrectionsRecent Trends and InfluencesThe Retail CalendarHoliday Retail SalesThe Crucial IndicatorRelated MeasuresRecent TrendsTest YourselfNational Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) Small Business Economic TrendsThe Business Cycle and the Headline NFIB IndexThe Crucial Indicator: Hiring IntentionsSmall Business Investment SpendingThe Outlook Index and the Economic PerformanceThe Credit Market and the Small Business SectorSmall Businesses and InflationShortcomingsRelated MeasuresTest YourselfPersonal Income and OutlaysPersonal IncomePersonal Consumption ExpendituresThe Fab Five Indicators of Discretionary SpendingGovernment Transfer PaymentsThe "Savings" RateConsumer Spending Inflation MeasuresTest YourselfHousing and ConstructionOverall Construction SpendingHousing Market IndexHousing Affordability IndexHousing Construction ActivitySingle-Family Homes and Apartment ConstructionApplications for MortgagesArchitect's "Work on the Books"Home SalesHome SupplyHome PricesTest YourselfManufacturingIndustrial Production and Capacity UtilizationProduction and EmploymentCapacity UtilizationUtility ProductionInstitute for Supply Management IndexesThe Headline Purchasing Managers Index"Tweaking" Some of the ISM MeasuresPrice Trends in the Manufacturing SectorManufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and OrdersDurable Goods OrdersCore Orders and ShipmentsThe Inventory-Shipments RatioTest YourselfPrices and InflationThe Consumer Price IndexThe Producer Price IndexCommodity and Raw Material PricesImport PricesLabor Market Price ActivityInflation ExpectationsTest YourselfConfidence and SentimentTweaking the Confidence MeasuresConfidence by Income StatusThe Misery IndexConfidence and Big-Ticket ItemsTest YourselfThe Federal ReserveConsumer CreditThe Senior Loan Officer SurveyThe Flow of Funds ReportThe Philadelphia Fed Economic MeasuresThe Chicago Fed's Midwest Economy IndexThe Cleveland Fed's Inflation Expectations IndexThe San Francisco Fed's Tech Pulse IndexThe New York Fed's Empire State SurveyThe Richmond Fed SurveysThe Dallas Fed SurveysThe Dallas Fed Trimmed Mean IndexThe Kansas City Fed Manufacturing SurveyTest YourselfSources and Additional Reading
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