Masculine Shame: From Succubus to the Eternal Feminine

PrefaceI The birth of civilization and the evolution of the succubusThe succubus, the evil eye and shameQueen of the succubiThe historic unfolding of the image of the succubusThe birth of civilizationThe succubus takes holdThe succubus in Ancient GreeceThe succubus in the Judeo-Christian worldThesuccubus todayII The image of the succubus in the writings of Freud and JungThe split between Freud and JungHistorical backgroundSigmund Freud's MedusaFreud's repudiation of the motherThe Oedipus ComplexTwo types of castration anxietyMedusaThe eyes of shame and Oedipus the KingFreud's shame and OedipusNarcissismFreud's motherPegasusFreud's maternal attachmentFreud's act of matricide"Close the eyes"The feminine in Freud's theoriesThe feminine in Freud's later lifeSiegfried to Salome: Jung's heroic journeyThe psychological birth of Jung: the Siegfried complexSabina SpielreinSalome and Jung's animaThe "talented psychopath”Jung's act of matricideJung's motherThe restoration of Salome's vision The serpentDescentThe above and the belowChrist and sacrificeBaptismChrist and MithrasJung's ascentMandalasJung and the maternal feminineThe blinded eternal feminineThe social construction of the patriarchal heroThe heroic in manThe hero and shameThe weakening of the heroShame and the eyesThe blinding of the maternal feminineThe victimThe hero and the motherIII From the succubus as child-killing mother to the restoration of the eternal feminineThe succubus of early infancyRecognitionMother-infant attachment and recognitionMasculine emotional shaping and the shame-based hardening processRecognition of the motherSeparation between mother and infantThe shift from object relations to object usageSeparation and omnipotenceRecognition and the otherMatricide and the absence of recognitionThe projection of shameThe evil female demonEvil and masculine shameThe egoEnslavement of the egoThe evil female demonLilithEvil and destructionThe death of the ego and the transformation of evil into shameThe nature of deathThe phallusLoss of omnipotence and sacrificeDe-mystification of the phallusDissolution of the egoEmergenceLilith and transcendenceArchetypal images for the transformation of shameThe story of Jesus ChristSacrifice and depth psychologyShame and depth psychologyEpilogue. Envisioning a return of the eternal feminineThe Revenge of Gaia (Lovelock, 2000, 2006)Global warmingA world in transitionBibliography
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