Employment and skills strategies in the Czech Republic

Policy context for employment and skills in the Czech RepublicCzech Republic’s economy and labour marketEducational profileRegional development structure and policyEmployment policySkills policyEducation and training policyContinuing education and trainingNotesReferencesOverview of the Czech Republic case study areasThe regionsUsti nad Labem RegionSouth Moravian RegionComparison across regions Labour marketEducational provision and profileThe balance between skills supply and demandReferencesLocal job creation dashboard findings in the Czech RepublicResults from the dashboardFlexibility in the delivery of employment and vocational training policiesProgramme design, target groups and strategic approachBudget managementPerformance managementOutsourcingResults from the OECD questionnaireFlexibility in vocational trainingCapacities within employment and VET sectorsPolicy co-ordination, policy integration and co-operation with other sectorsCollaboration between public, private and not-for-profit employment and training bodiesCollaboration for broader regional and local economic developmentEvidence based policy makingEvaluation data and impactFlexible training open to all in a broad range of sectorsAccess to relevant training for workers and the unemployedDelivery modelsWorking with employers on trainingApprenticeships and schoolsMatching people to jobs and facilitating progressionJoined up approaches to skillsRelevance of provision to important local employment sectors and global trends and challengesLabour market forecastingWork with employers on skills utilisation and productivitySustainable employment and skills utilisationPromotion of skills for entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship support in public employment programmesEconomic development promotes quality jobs for local peopleUsing public procurementEmployment and training programmes are geared to local "at-risk" groupsCreating jobs/job placements for people not ready to enter employmentOutreach and area-based approaches in deprived areasChildcare and family friendly policies to support women’s participation in employmentTackling youth unemploymentPolicies and programmes to support NEETs (not in education, employment, or training) and early school leaversOpenness to immigrationTackling discrimination in the labour market outside of national legislationNotesReferencesTowards an action plan for jobs in the Czech Republic: Recommendations and best practicesBetter aligning policies and programmes to local economic developmentTargeting policy to local employment sectors and investing in quality jobsBeing inclusiveReferences
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