Evaluation data and impact

In both regions, there is limited evaluation carried out on employment policy implemented by the PES. The absence of outcome-based management processes has resulted in a low evaluation culture and there is limited demand for evaluations generally. Existing evaluations are usually reduced to simple monitoring exercises (e.g. counting programme participants and reporting expenditures). There are some evaluations on the net effects of ALMP interventions on the labour market situation. For example, in 2003, the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs carried out an evaluation of ALMP programmes in the B0eclav locality, South Moravia, which combined qualitative and quantitative methods of quasi-experimental design for the assessment of net effects, but this had no influence on ALMP implementation. In the Osti nad Labem region, the Regional Authority analyses policies based on available regional data but does not evaluate the projects and programmes in place.

Theme 2: Adding value through skills

Figure 3.5. Dashboard results for adding value through skills

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