Stronger accountability mechanisms for better citizen participation and restoring trust in government

In light of what has been assessed on this topic, the government of Spain

could consider the following recommendations:

• The consolidation of consultation mechanisms through a more proactive and consultative body, such as the existing Advisory Council, made up of academics and civil society organisations, is essential to get direct inputs from all parts of Spanish society.

  • • Together with increased use of ICT and the mentioned recommendation linking the transparency and open data agendas more closely, increasing citizen participation through an open government approach throughout the Spanish government would contribute to further enrich all the efforts made over the past few years and move towards inclusive growth. The CORA thus could be a good instrument to reinforce an open government agenda in Spain.
  • • The Spanish parliament (Cortes Generates) could also become directly involved on a regular basis in the discussions of a better long-term strategy for a performance-based Spanish public administration. Both chambers would engage in these discussions, with a debate in the Senate because of the issue’s territorial dimension and in the Commission on Constitutional Affairs of the Congress. OPERA could also provide the Senate and Congress with tools to perform this function: annual reports on measures and their outputs and outcomes. This could even lead to the creation of an ad hoc Standing Committee of Deputies on public administration reform.
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