OECD reviews of health care quality Turkey 2014 : raising standards

Quality of care in Turkey’s health systemIntroductionContextProfiling policies on quality of health care and their impactHealth system designTowards a more devolved model of quality governancePharmaceutical and Medical Devices InstitutePublic Health Institute of Turkey/Turkish Public Health AssociationPublic Hospitals Institute of TurkeyOther agencies in the organisation and governance of the health system under the Ministry of HealthOrganisation of quality governance in comparison with other OECD countriesAssuring the quality of inputs to the Turkish health-care systemImpressive performance model for hospitals linked to reimbursement that could be broadened toward clinical outcomesThe Department of Health Care Quality and AccreditationAligning the roles and responsibilities of professionals and government towards quality of careThe Turkish Medical AssociationThe Turkish Nursing Association and the Turkish Midwives AssociationPatient safety policiesHealth system monitoring: Building an information infrastructure for measuring qualityStrengthening the data- infrastructure to monitor quality of careEnhancing transparency on quality of careConclusionsReferencesPrimary care in TurkeyThe configuration of primary care in TurkeyOutcomes associated with primary careThe emerging challenge of long-term conditions in TurkeyBuilding the next phase of primary care reform: Quality assurance and improvementConclusionsNotesReferencesImproving hospital care in TurkeyThe Turkish hospital sector has seen strong capacity developmentStrengthening quality governance in the hospital system and creating a quality cultureShifting from quality of hospital care to keeping people out of hospitalsConclusionsReferencesPaying for health care in TurkeyContext: Rising spending and fewer human resources than most OECD countriesThere has been a major transformation in the financing of healthcare servicesFinancing of hospitalsPaying for primary careConclusionsReferences
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