Profiling policies on quality of health care and their impact

Quality issues have gained importance across OECD countries in recent years as governments and the public increasingly focus on what is being delivered in exchange for major public investments in health care. Policies to address quality of care can not only help improve patient outcomes, but can often do so at similar levels of investment. This chapter seeks to profile the key policies and strategies that Turkey has used to encourage improvements in the quality of health care. Please see also Table 1.1.

Table 1.1. A typology of health-care policies that influence health-care quality



Health system design

Accountability of actors, allocation of responsibilities, legislation

Health system input (professionals, organisations, technologies)

Professional licensing, accreditation of health care organisations, quality assurance of drugs and medical devices

Health system monitoring and standardisation of practice

Measurement of quality of care, national standards and guidelines, national audit studies and reports on performance

National programmes on quality and

Improvement (national programmes, hospital programmes and incentives)

safety, pay for performance in hospital care, examples of improvement programmes within institutions

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