Other agencies in the organisation and governance of the health system under the Ministry of Health

In addition to the work of the four affiliated agencies, there are eleven “Service Units” under the Ministry of Health, including activities relevant to quality governance take place at the General Directorate for Health Services (around monitoring, inspection, guidelines, quality and accreditation), the General Directorate for Health Research (Health Technology Assessment and guideline development) and the General Directorate for Health Information Systems. All of these departments perform roles that are complementary to the Ministry of Health, without having significant autonomy. There are also six under-secretaries, working for the Minister of Health, who deal with technical matters.

There are also Public Hospital Unions which have principal responsibility for each of the 87 provincial hospitals, which are accountable to the Public Hospitals Institute for outcomes. This marks a change as, previously, the provincial government was also jointly responsible for hospitals. The move has been made as part of an effort to control hospital activity more closely, and to improve productivity.

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