Current Leadership Development Practices, Programs and Systems

Human resource development (HRD) is an integrated national effort in Malaysia. There is a strong emphasis on developing human capabilities emphasized in the Tenth Malaysia Plan (2011-2015) (Economic Planning Unit, 2010) and subsequent Government Transformation Program (GTP) (2011) and Economic Transformation Program (ETP) (2013) in order to achieve Vision 2020 and a high-income economy. These plans call for, among other things, a new approach for economic resiliency and a major structural transformation in the government, such as transforming the government into a competitive corporation. Since human capital is key to materializing this vision, it is vital to explore the development of leadership talent that will support the implementation and success of these programs.

Like other developing countries, Malaysia has experienced varying levels of progress and many challenges in developing leadership skills of its citizens. Historically, the nation was built on income from agricultural activities. As the country began to develop and leaders of the country shifted Malaysia’s economic focus to becoming an industrialized country, major changes to the country’s leadership development efforts emerged.

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