LEGO as a Metaphor for Philosophy

LEGO in many ways serves as a helpful analogy for how philosophical thinking can lead us toward new connections between our thoughts and ideas. LEGO and philosophy invite us to question the nature of play. When we think about it, LEGO is a fundamentally optimistic medium—with an ethos built on the notion that anything can be built, and that true meaning and inspiration comes from freedom and flexibility of thinking, as well as the meaningful engagement with LEGO and with thoughts and ideas. In this sense we intuitively understand how “building begets a love of building.”30

As Jason Mittell aptly describes it, what we need in thinking about LEGO as well as philosophy is “fluidity and flexibility, the ability to put unlikely pieces together while also being able to dismantle and reconfigure what has already been done.”31 We can see this as an invitation for ourselves to bring a little bit of play into our thinking, and bring philosophy into play, or play into philosophy.

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