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  • 5. The terms “generic” and “unique” are a bit misleading. Fire trucks are quite generic, but a historical landmark is not, at least in the real world. A historical landmark actually appears to be a unique site, part of what makes it significant. Yet LEGO Ideas put both in the “generic” category. I can imagine many projects for fire trucks that LEGO Ideas would probably accept as unique, rather than generic. A project for a fire truck model that has rockets strapped to the sides and eight elephants on top ready to shoot water out of their trunks is not “something that already exists in the world,” whereas a model of a 1980 Ford Pierce C-900 would satisfy that description. It seems that the category “fire truck” could be either generic or unique. The other confusion is about unique projects being “fictitious.” Presumably AT-AT Walkers, X-Wing fighters, and the Batmobile are fictitious, though not in the sense meant here to qualify as “unique.” The Ideas Guidelines must mean by “fictitious” “the fictional creation of the member who submits the project,” or something like that. Join LEGO Ideas, George Lucas, and you can submit your unique projects!
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