What Can We Learn from a LEGO Farmer?

Should we follow the model of farming presented by LEGO Farm? Food and environmental activists like Michael Pollan2 and Bill McKibben3 would probably say yes. Michael Pollan in The Omini- vore’s Dilemna: A Natural History of Four Meals makes a strong argument for eating vegetarian as a way to save the planet. The transformation of solar energy into plants, and then plants into animal

LEGO® and Philosophy: Constructing Reality Brick By Brick, First Edition. Edited by Roy T. Cook and Sondra Bacharach.

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food, and animal food into human food burns a lot of calories. Either on purpose, or by accident, LEGO Farm appears to advocate for a mostly vegetarian, environmentally friendly diet.

Large industrial farms can become overly dependent on using a lot of fertilizer, a lot of pesticides, lots of pharmaceuticals for animals, and a lot of water. When it rains fertilizer and other chemicals can run off into nearby rivers and lakes. Smaller farms, like the farms in LEGO Farm, can mean a smaller impact on the environment. This makes for pristine rivers, and happy little trees, and buzzing honey bees.

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