Collaboration with Other Governments

I believe that it is important to work with other governments to achieve success. If you cannot do it alone, there is always strength in numbers. From 1992 to 2000, I established and chaired the Greater Toronto Area Mayor’s Committee, which brought together over 30 mayors from across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). At that time, there was a lack of integration in the services being provided by cities across the GTA. I realized that we needed to join together as a strong, unified voice in order to affect our economic prosperity. Our success would be based on the weakest link in the chain, so we needed to work together to be strong. By working together, we became a strong advocate for change on a number of key issues of concern to all cities within the GTA. This allowed us to lobby the provincial and federal governments with one strong voice on issues and challenges we shared.

Out of this cooperation, the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance—a public-private partnership—was founded in 1996. This has allowed us to market the entire area, allowing the smallest municipality to benefit alongside larger municipalities. It has been a key way for me to market the city of Mississauga internationally.

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