Private Sector, Culture of Citizen Control, and Demanding Accountability

The private sector must play a significant role in addressing the challenge of promoting and qualifying citizen participation. This is our understanding at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, and thus one of our objectives is to create public-private forums to develop activities where both the community and public authorities take part. Such forums are aimed at building bridges to establish agreements on the implementation of programs, projects, and policies related to the community’s development and well-being. Our aim is not only to create such forums, but also to promote citizen monitoring and control of the implementation of public policies.

We in the private sector believe in the importance of our role as social players interested in participating in the establishment of public policies and monitoring the performance of our leadership. Holding government officials accountable for their actions is one way civil society can monitor whether promises are fulfilled, and involves the government’s acceptance of active participation, critique, and recommendations from the public. Participation is not only a citizen right, but a responsibility.

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