Getting it right : strategic agenda reforms in Mexico.

The main challenges facing the Mexican economyA strategy to support growth and well-beingGoing social to reduce poverty and tackle inequalities between individuals and regionsGoing green to reduce the pressure on the environmentGoing institutional to support implementation of reformsBoosting Growth PotentialRaising growth potential through structural reformsProduct market reforms to boost productivity growth and living standardsMexico needs to enhance competitionOECD Key RecommendationsFurther readingCombating Poverty and InequalityPoverty and inequality remain highPoverty increased as a result of the crisisA social protection system limited and not generousA key role for cash transfer programmesPoor familiesHousing improvementsOlder peopleIndigenous populationMigrants to the United StatesPolicy challenges and the management of difficult trade-offsDealing with specific groupsPoverty reduction commitments under the Pact for MexicoA comprehensive strategyOECD Key RecommendationsFurther readingFiscal Policy to Support InclusivenessImproving the fiscal frameworkImproving the efficiency and targeting of public spendingFurther improving budget processesImproving the efficiency of public expenditureRemoving energy subsidiesImproving tax enforcementStrengthening fiscal federalismOECD Key RecommendationsFurther readingStrengthening Governance at All LevelsStrengthening public sector capacityThe case of health sector procurementRegulatory policy: Towards a whole-of-govemment perspectiveImproving regulatory coherence across levels of governmentGovernance and public orderGovernance of riskStrengthening policy coherence in urban developmentFurther ReadingImproving Access to Formal EmploymentRecent labour market developments and key challengesTackling informal employmentImproving employment and learning opportunities for youthEncouraging greater labour market participation of womenPromoting formal employment with better social protection policiesThe labour reform law and the Pact for MexicoOECD Key RecommendationsFurther ReadingThe Challenges for the Education SystemEnhancing education coverage for all MexicansEnsuring quality of education in schools to allImproving conditions for teaching and learningTeacher quality is keyEvaluating to help improveEnsuring the conditions for success in implementing reformsInvesting better in educationOECD Key RecommendationsFurther ReadingHealth PolicyUsing innovation to provide affordable coverageThe challenges of improving financial protection and addressing funding gapsImproving financial protectionExpanding the range of benefits covered under the Seguro PopularAddressing funding gapsTackling emerging health challengesImproving quality and efficiency of health careThe example of pharmaceuticalsOECD Key RecommendationsFurther readingIntegrating Mexico into the World Economy through Trade and FDIKey ChallengesExploiting the extensive margin of trade to spur growthHigher value-adding in regional and global value chainsDeveloping competitive, flexible and innovative supply chainsExpanding the services sector and attracting higher levels of investmentEasing Regulatory Barriers and Increasing CompetitivenessConclusions: a road map for further reformsOECD Key RecommendationsFurther ReadingImproving the Efficiency of the Telecommunication SectorFresh momentum for reformOngoing initiativesSpectrum as the key foundation for mobile communicationsTender of a third and fourth national television broadcasterA new structure for the secretariat for communications and transport (SCT)Setting up an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in MexicoFuture stepsFurther readingSMEs and Entrepreneurship in MexicoMexico’s SME and entrepreneurship policy frameworkStrengthening SME and entrepreneurship policyDeveloping access to financing for SMEsStimulating innovative and high impact SMEsSME support: Building the capacity of intermediary organisations and simplifying deliveryFurther readingGreen GrowthClimate changeGetting the prices rightBiodiversity and forestsEconomic opportunities of green growthOECD Key RecommendationsFurther readingEnergy PolicyUnleashing the potential of energy efficiencyImproving oil sector performanceUnconventional gas: Regulation as the key to successRenewables: Towards a low-carbon power sectorLow-carbon scenarios for MexicoKey RecommendationsFurther readingThe Agriculture Sector and Rural DevelopmentImproving competitiveness by reforming producers’ supportSupport to investment and innovation needs to be enhancedStrengthening risk management policiesAddressing institutional challengesDeveloping an integrated approachAddressing poverty issuesOECD Key RecommendationsFurther readingMaking Water Reform HappenMexico’s water reform challengeThe quality of water bodies is at stakeThe 2030 Water AgendaStrengthen river basin councils’ prerogatives and capacitiesEnhance the cost-effectiveness of water policiesRaise revenues from water usersOECD Key RecommendationsFurther Reading
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