eWOM Trust and Similar Concepts

In order to have a profound understanding of what eWOM trust truly is, it is reasonable to also clarify what eWOM trust is not. There are many related concepts that have been often used synonymously with the focal construct. This regularly results in an obfuscation of the original concept and conceptual confusion. Here, the four concepts of eWOM distrust, scepticism, credibility and attitude in general are discussed in greater detail. At its heart, this thesis postulates that, even though all constructs have some facets in common, the conceptualization of eWOM trust includes other dimensions that usually do not reflect the nature of these related concepts. The identified constructs are hypothesized as being separable but nevertheless related. Scholars regularly use further terms like cooperation, faith, and competence (e.g., eWOM helpfulness), whose meanings have to be clarified. The following section differentiates trust from these concepts by reviewing earlier traditional as well as domain-specific contributions.

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