Questionnaire Pretest

For enhancing the quality of the questionnaire, a pretest was administered to a convenient sample of 18 undergraduate marketing students enrolled at a major Austrian university. The student sample was conveniently drawn with no quotes on demographics, such as age or gender. Respondents received course credits in return for their participation. The pretest was executed in June 2013, when the online questionnaire was available for one week. As in the later study, respondents were first prompted by several instructions, including a definition and examples of eWOM, and proceeded to fill out various questions concerning the various constructs included in this study. More specifically, all students were asked to go critically over the questionnaire and to make comments on any apparent mistakes, unclear questions, and ideas of improvement. Additionally, the questionnaire was also subject to a review by five members of the marketing faculty. Due to these suggestions, several minor modifications have been made, such as corrections of spelling mistakes and refinements of wording. Overall, the questionnaire was deemed appropriate by all respondents.

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