Research Results

The following chapter discusses the results of multiple empirical studies which targeted the development of the new eWOM trust scale (eWT-S), as well as its application. More specifically, what follows are the details about the diverse assessments of the scale’s psychometric properties, including its dimensionality and structure, its internal consistency, validity (e.g., concurrent-, convergent-, discriminant-, nomoglogical validity) and the scale’s reliability and generalizability across different contexts and situations. Here, amongst other points, strong evidence is provided that an English version of the new scale is applicable to a representative sample of US consumers. After providing norms for the eWT-S based on several representative samples and scale finalization, the results of the segmentation approach are put forward to describe a typology of four distinct groups of US online consumers. These differ in respect to their generalized trust in two major sources of online marketing communication; that is, online customer reviews as well as online advertising.

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