Other Spaces Used by the Public


As implied by their denomination, other spaces used by the public are public spaces that do not have the glamor of performance halls or the functionality of offices. Yet they serve important functions in everyday life, and their good acoustics may be a factor in their correct operation. This chapter will briefly examine their highlights.



There usually are a couple of intelligibility requirements to take into account: First, there must be a good intelligibility between the speaker and the listener of interest; yet there must not be annoyance because of this talk. Most of the acoustic problem is summed up in this dual question; all that remains is to define where the speaker-listener couple will be and where the potentially annoyed people will be located. It also hints at some future difficulties with regards to the noise generated by mechanical equipment: Its value must be low enough to allow speakers and listeners to properly communicate, yet it may be looked for as masking noise for the areas that are not concerned by this communication; therefore, it must be loud enough.

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