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Kindergarten School

In kindergarten schools, emphasis is usually put on safety. This means that precautions are implemented on the floor covering (usually a resilient floor covering in order to reduce the risk of a pupil getting injured when falling) and on the doors (usually wide resilient covering seals are used to prevent finger wounds). The latter means that the sound insulation may be reduced compared to other kinds of schools.

Sound absorption is usually provided on the ceiling and on part of the walls, as the emphasis is on noise reduction, with the teacher moving close to the groups of pupils according to the need.

Primary School

Primary schools usually follow the design rules of regular schools. This means that the sound insulation between classrooms typically is in the range from 40 to 48 dB, which usually calls for 50 to 55 dB partitions and 40 dB doors. A smaller sound insulation target is usually sought between classroom and corridor (e.g., 30 dB). The acoustic treatment of standard classrooms usually calls for a mildly absorptive ceiling in order to comply with a reverberation time objective in the range of 0.4 to 0.8 s.

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