Sound Absorption

Usually in a bedroom, additional sound absorption is not sought due to the amount already provided by the furniture.

Mechanical Equipment

Silencers will be installed on the supply and return ducts in order to comply with both the sound insulation target and the background noise target. Care will be applied at the junction of the ducts on entering the room through the partition to preserve the sound reduction performances of the partition.

Supply and return louvers will be specified in order to limit their sound power level to a value compatible with the background noise level target (as an indicative value under the assumption that there will be one return and one supply louver, a sound power level of 35 dB(A) is advisable when taking into account the distance).

Should an air inlet be provided in the existing fagade, another inlet (typically featuring a Dnew of 35 dB minimum) will have to be provided in the new window assembly.

User’s Equipment

The usual end user’s previous equipment should be left (e.g., clock), as it participates in the balance between noise contributions inside the room.

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