Fire Detection Tampering

The concierge of a historical building in France had experienced a few false alarms over the previous months. Fed up with the system, he managed to disconnect it. A month later there was a big demonstration in the streets and a few rockets were fired. One of them found the roof of the building, and half of the construction was gutted by the fire by the time the firemen were able to circumvent it.

Lesson Learned (at great cost): Never tamper with the fire detection and control system.

In a fortunately less dramatic example, the architect of a project decided that he did not want to see those ugly white fire detection devices on his beautiful dark ceiling and ordered the painter to paint them black. This would, of course, inhibit their fire detection capabilities. Fortunately, it was spotted by the safety engineer and proper fire detection devices were installed again.

Lesson Learned: Do not change the properties of a fire detection device, and have the system checked by a safety engineer.

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