The Business Case

Business people are often wary of ambitious IT projects, which sound like expensive replumbing exercises. However, many businesses find that many desirable capabilities have their basis in more evolutionary architectures.

"The Future Is Already Here...”

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.

William Gibson

Many companies view software as overhead, like the heating system. When software architects talk to executives at those companies about innovation in software, they imagine plumbers upselling them on pretty but expensive overhead. However, that antiquated view of the strategic importance of software is discredited. Consequently, decision makers who control software purchases tend to became institutionally conservative, valuing cost savings over innovation. Enterprise architects make this mistake for understandable reasons — they look at other companies within their ecosystem to see how they approach these decisions. But that approach is dangerous because a disruptive company that has modern software architecture may move into the existing company’s realm and suddenly dominate because they have better information technology.

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