Urban Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Four male respondents completed the urban heavy vehicle drivers’ survey, comprising three current professional drivers aged between 25 and 54 years, all of whom lived in Victoria, and one retired driver from Queensland. Most reported driving approximately 1,000 km each week and encountering rail level crossings several times per day.

Paired comparison analysis found that urban heavy drivers rated the Comprehensive Risk Control crossing highest on all the four criteria (safety, compliance, efficiency and preference). The standard active crossing was ranked second for most criteria, with the Community Courtyard and Intelligent Level Crossing ranked equal third.

Consistent with the paired comparisons, open-ended comments were mostly positive regarding the Comprehensive Risk Control crossing. Heavy vehicle drivers reported liking the additional safety features, clear warnings and separation of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. One driver was concerned that the design was labour intensive (i.e. because of the attendants and extra controls that need to be installed and maintained), and another suggested that advanced warnings could be added to improve the design.

Most heavy vehicle drivers also commented positively on the Intelligent Level Crossing for providing additional warnings. However, one driver expressed his concern about the cost of such systems and another regarding system malfunctions.

Heavy vehicle drivers’ responses to the Community Courtyard crossing were mixed. The positive aspects noted were that traffic was stopped well back from the level crossing, attendants could assist in situations where signals malfunctioned and having attendants increased employment. However, drivers also expressed concerns regarding the lack of boom gates and warning signs, the potential for delays and the cost and labour required.

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