OECD guide to measuring the information society 2011.

PrefaceThe information society, in statistical termsThe Guide and its rationaleThe information societyThe economic dimensionThe social dimensionRationaleExpected benefitsUsers of the GuideScope and content of the GuideOutput: Publication of information society statisticsICT ProductsThe ICT product classificationInternational trade in ICT productsThe price and quality of ICT productsHedonic indexes and quality adjustments in price indexes for IT productsConventional price index methodologyHedonic price index methodologyNotesReferencesICT InfrastructurePublic switched telecommunication networks (PSTN)The InternetA note on infrastructure technologiesBroadband measurementInternet network statisticsInternet traffic exchange measuresQuality of servicesInfrastructure investmentTariffsNotesReferencesICT SupplyThe ICT sector definitionProduction of ICT goods and services outside the ICT sectorThe impacts of the ICT sectorEmpirical workMeasurement issuesFuture developmentsICT patenting activity IntroductionStatistical and policy use of patent indicatorsStrengths and limitations of using patent documents for statistical analysisDesigning indicators to measure innovative activity: selection of appropriate criteriaPatent indicators by industryDefinition of ICT-related patentsFuture developmentsNotesReferencesICT Demand by BusinessesOECD model survey of ICT use by businesses1E-commerceThe framework for measurementOther functional typesFuture workE-businessHistory of WPIIS work on measuring e-businessConceptual model for measuring e-businessModel questions for measuring e-businessICT investment and expenditure by businessThe economic impacts of ICT investment and ICT useEmpirical analysisMeasurement and comparabilityFuture developmentsSubjective measurement of impactsNotesReferencesICT Demand by Households and IndividualsOECD model survey of ICT access and use by households and individualsE-commerceThe social and economic impacts of ICT use by households and individualsNotesReferencesContent and MediaThe Content and media sector definitionThe Content and media product classificationDigitised productsModifications to the OECD model survey on ICT use by businessesModifications to the OECD model survey of ICT access and use by households and individualsA sectoral study approach to measuring digital contentNotesReferencesThe International Scene and the Road AheadThe international sceneContextDirect statistical mobilisationPartnership on Measuring ICT for DevelopmentOECD’s role in the PartnershipFuture challenges for the OECDConclusionReferences
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