Future challenges for the OECD

While continuing to develop indicators to measure the “readiness” for the information society and the “use” of ICT, the WPIIS and other areas of the OECD are responding to measurement needs that are increasingly sophisticated. A major challenge is developing new indicators in areas that are inherently difficult to measure - because the concepts are undefined, complex or dynamic. Examples include:

  • • e-business (see the discussion in Chapter 5);
  • • ICT expenditure and investment (see Chapter 5);
  • • ICT education and skills, and ICT occupations;
  • • outsourcing;
  • • trust in the online environment (see Annex 5A.1);
  • • social and economic impacts of ICT (a discussion can be found in Chapters 4, 5 and 6); and
  • • following significant activity during 2006 and 2007 to update ICT sector and product classifications and to introduce new classifications for “content and media”, the challenge remains for member countries and the OECD to compile data using these classifications.
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