100 questions & answers about diabetes

PrefaceAcknowledgmentsPART ONE . What Is Diabetes?1. Why and how did I get diabetes?2. What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?3. What is the difference between diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus?4. What are the symptoms of diabetes?5. Can diabetes be cured?6. Does diabetes affect all racial groups equally?7. Are my brothers and sisters and my children at risk of diabetes?8. Can a person have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes at the same time?9. Is there such a thing as borderline diabetes? What is it?10. Why do some women get diabetes when they are pregnant? Is this dangerous for them or their baby?PART TWO. Can Diabetes Be Prevented?11. How does my weight affect my risk of type 2 diabetes?12. Does regular exercise help to prevent type 2 diabetes?13. Are there any medications I can take to help prevent diabetes?14. Is there a particular type of diet that will reduce my chance of type 2 diabetes?15. Does stress affect my risk of getting diabetes?16. What other factors increase my risk of getting diabetes?17. Is there anything I can do to reduce my childrens risk of getting diabetes?18. Are there any natural herbs, minerals, or other remedies that prevent diabetes?19. Can type 1 diabetes also be prevented?20. Several members of my close family have diabetes. Will attempts at prevention still work for me?PART THREE. How Do I Know I Have Diabetes?21. What are the most common symptoms of diabetes?22. How does my doctor confirm the diagnosis of diabetes?23. Can I "feel" my high and low blood sugars reliably?24. My doctor says I have hypoglycemia. Isn't that the opposite of diabetes?25. Could I have had diabetes for a long time and not known it?26. I have a strong family history of diabetes. How often should I be checked for it?27. I had diabetes during my last pregnancy. Am I at risk of diabetes in the future?28. Can diabetes sometimes be temporary and go away again?PART FOUR. What Are the Consequences of Diabetes?29. What can happen if my diabetes is not properly treated and controlled?30. Does diabetes put me at risk of any other diseases or illnesses?31. What is diabetic coma?32. What is diabetic neuropathy?33. What is diabetic retinopathy?34. What is diabetic nephropathy?35. Why is the risk of blood vessel diseases increased so much in diabetes?36. Can my diabetes affect my sex life? If so, how and what can I do about it?37. I feel as if my memory has gotten worse since I developed diabetes. Could I be right?38. I hear a lot about footwear and foot care for diabetes. Why is this so important?PART FIVE. Treatments for Diabetes39. Is diet and exercise management alone really effective for diabetes?40. What should I eat and what should I avoid? Please be specific!41. What are the best and safest pills for diabetes?42. Who should take pills and who should take insulin?43. My doctor says that I need to start insulin. If I do, will I ever get off it?44. I take several types of pills for my diabetes. How can I reduce the expense?45. Why is it so important for people with diabetes to control their blood pressure and cholesterol as well?46. What is the difference between basal insulin and bolus insulin?47. I am afraid that my diabetes treatment will cause me to gain weight. How can I prevent this?48. I am afraid that I might forget I have taken my insulin and take it twice, or mistakenly take my long-acting dose for my short-acting and vice versa. What should I do if this happens?49. I am on insulin for my diabetes and I am overweight. If I lose weight, will I be able to stop the insulin shots?50. Do any traditional or nonprescription remedies for diabetes really help control blood sugar? If so, which ones do you recommend?51. Are there any medications prescribed for other conditions that can improve or worsen my diabetes?52. I hear that there are seven different types of pills for diabetes novo. Is there a preferred order in which to try them and can they all be combined?53. How does the treatment based on "lizard spit" work?54. Many patients start on pills but end up on insulin. Why do pills tend to fail in the end and do they all fail at the same rate?PART SIX. Monitoring and Living with Diabetes55. How often do I need to check my blood sugar?56. What is the target level for my blood sugar?57. What information should I bring to my doctor to help him or her manage my diabetes with me?58. What tests should my doctor be doing on a regular basis to monitor my diabetes?59. What is the best kind of glucose monitor?60. Should I get one of the new continuous glucose monitors?61. How accurate are glucose monitors?62. How does stress affect my blood sugars?63. Is there a link between lack of sleep or disturbed sleep and my blood sugars?64. How can I avoid getting bruises or swellings on my stomach from my insulin shots?65. How will my diabetes affect my work? Are there any jobs I cannot do?66. I have heard that depression is more common in people with diabetes. Is this true?67. How does the sugar in fruit drinks differ from the sugar in sodas?68. My doctor says I don't need to see a specialist for my diabetes. How do I know if my doctor is right?69. I don't want my friends or co-workers to know I have diabetes. How can I manage it discreetly in public places?PART SEVEN. Diabetes and Special Situations70. I have diabetes and want to get pregnant. What should I do?71. I am scheduled to have an operation.72. Will having diabetes affect my ability to do my job?73. I will be traveling. How do I handle the time changes with my insulin shots?74. I will begetting a course of steroid treatment. I heard this could throw my diabetes out of control. What should I do?75. How can I manage my blood sugar during sports and exercise activities?76. What preparations should I make for traveling?77. How can I prevent myself from having a low sugar reaction while driving?78. I have heard that wounds heal more slowly in people with diabetes. Is this true and should I be worried when I go in for an operation?79. My child has diabetes and is about to start school. What steps should I take and how will the school help to ensure that things go well?PART EIGHT. Resources for People with Diabetes80. Whom can I contact when I have questions about my diabetes?81. I am interested in participating in research studies on new treatments for diabetes. How do I go about it?82. How can I find and join a diabetes support group in my area?83. I want to be an advocate for diabetes. Where should I start?84. Are there exercise programs for patients with diabetes covered by insurance or that are tax deductible?85. How do I access resources for people with diabetes from different cultures or creeds or who do not speak English?86. How do I find out about the latest developments for treatment and monitoring of diabetes?87. Where can I find out about interactive programs and games that make learning about diabetes fun for children and teenagers?88. I am interested in a professional career in the field of diabetes. Where can I find out the various options and the prerequisites to apply?89. What educational programs for diabetes are covered by Medicare and other governmental and private insurance plans? Who qualifies?PART NINE. When a Family Member or Loved One Has Diabetes90. My partner/child/parent does not follow his or her doctor's advice on management of his or her diabetes. How can I help to improve things?91. What should a parent, spouse, partner, or caregiver know about diabetes in order to provide support to a loved one?92. How do I know when my relative with diabetes is having a low blood sugar reaction? What should I do to help?93. My child has diabetes. What can I do when he or she is sick to help prevent the diabetes from going out of control?94. Can my child with diabetes participate in all sports in school or are there some that he or she should avoid?95. My spouse/partner has diabetes and we are planning a family. What is the risk that our children will develop diabetes?PART TEN. What Woes the Future Hold for People with Diabetes?96. What is the likelihood of a cure for type 1 diabetes? What form will it take and when will it be available?97. What is the likelihood of a cure for type 2 diabetes? What form will it take and when will it be available?98. When and how will we be able to prevent type 1 diabetes?99. When and how will we be able to prevent type 2 diabetes?100. How can we stop the dramatic increase in diabetes presently occurring throughout the world?GLOSSARY
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