Who Should Use Mental Modeling?

The success of leaders in all organizations often turns on their ability to better understand and influence the judgment, decision making, and behavior of the people key to accomplishing their goals. Mental Modeling has proven to be well suited to this task over decades of application. Application experience demonstrates that, when supported with the relevant expertise, Mental Modeling can be successfully deployed by professionals in many disciplines including engineering, communications, and management.

This trend of expanding the professional practice of Mental Modeling is greatly expanding the total field of application worldwide. It is expected to accelerate significantly through the use of social media and the Internet, enabling unbounded collaboration among users of the methodology and expert application professionals. Fundamentally, Mental Modeling is about understanding the way that people think about issues and processes and using that insight to develop strategies and to manage the effects of communications, decision making, and behavior. CASS™ facilitates migration of Mental Modeling capabilities to a wider range of professionals than previously realized, creating a worldwide community of practitioners accelerating and extending Mental Modeling into new domains and increased globalization of its application.

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