Key Steps in the Mental Modeling Process

The following are the key steps in the Mental Modeling process (Fig. 2.2). Each project is unique and not all steps are performed for every project. For example, for some policy or strategy challenges, an expert model is developed as the foundation. Sometimes Step 4 is conducted after Step 5. Some projects may follow an iterative,

Key steps in the mental modeling process

Fig. 2.2 Key steps in the mental modeling process

multistage design, for example, where many rounds of stakeholder research are conducted. In some of the case studies that follow, the steps have been refined to reflect the focus of the project.

These steps are described later and are illustrated using content from a project conducted for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to design a comprehensive communications strategy based on deep insight into potential patients’ and consumers’ mental models of plastic surgery and plastic surgeons. The mental models research phase was conducted in 2004 to define the strategy and content of the subsequent marketing campaign. The research was completed in 2005.

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