Workshop: Technology Infusion and Marketing (TIM): Guided Thinking on Three Technologies

EL leaders organized a 2-day, professionally facilitated workshop for 30 scientists and project leaders to jointly prepare detailed product market opportunity and value descriptions as well as an outline business model for three technologies available at the EL. EL leadership wanted to enhance the ability of EL personnel to transfer and market products by effectively communicating how those products solve the customer’s problems. The purpose of the workshop was to identify how to improve performance in technology infusion and marketing, technical competence, and knowledge management by the EL. The planned outcome: comprehensive business models and plans for three EL products or services/capabilities using EL’s state-of- the-science TIM Approach.

The three products identified for participants to focus on were the following:

  • • TREECS—Training Range Environmental Evaluation and Characterization System-characterized as both product and service/capability.
  • • Computational Chemistry-characterized as service/capability.
  • • Risk Management—characterized as a service/capability.
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