Expert Models of Influences on CHEMM Effectiveness

The CHEMM Expert Models were created to identify and characterize the primary influences on the effectiveness of CHEMM, supporting planning and prioritization of stakeholder outreach, and ongoing CHEMM development. The Models were also used as the analytical basis for the research conducted in this project. Draft versions of these Models were created through consultation with the CHEMM Project Team and were presented to 27 CHEMM stakeholders in a workshop conducted February 17, 2010. The facilitated workshop was designed to enable open, frank discussions on the issues and challenges that matter most to participants. The purpose of the workshop was to elicit and focus knowledge and insights in a way that would help shape the design of CHEMM.

Workshop participants represented a variety of disciplines associated with emergency response including: fire fighters, hazmat responders, physicians, federal and state agencies, industry, consulting firms, and researchers. Feedback from workshop participants was used to develop the CHEMM Detailed Expert Models, presented later, as well as a CHEMM User Matrix, detailing information needs for specific CHEMM Users.

The updated CHEMM Expert Models were presented to workshop participants in a follow-up validation web conference on May 18, 2010 and were used as the analytical basis for mental models research (presented later). They will continue to provide a framework for future research and development of CHEMM.

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