Stakeholder Engagement and Continuing CHEMM Development

When asked if there were other potential users or individuals with whom NLM developers should engage as they continued to develop CHEMM, Interviewees suggested a detailed list of potential users, including: other Federal, State, and Local

Government agencies; individuals from industry (chemical producers, transporters, and users); Professional Associations that represent stakeholders; additional responders, receivers, planners, and trainers; with some suggesting the general public Interviewees suggested a number of approaches that NLM could take to make people aware of and familiar with CHEMM, such as promoting it at conferences and/or through professional associations affiliated with the responder and receiver users. Many indicated that conducting interviews similar to the one in which they participated, along with similar ongoing direct outreach with individuals to get feedback was a good approach for making people aware of CHEMM. Many suggested pilot or beta-testing in “real-world scenarios” with real users was critical. Some suggested forming strategic partnerships with other agencies, associations, and hospitals including integrating into existing training programs and using federal funding and grant mechanisms to encourage CHEMM use. Many even suggested using print advertising, email, and the Internet to promote CHEMM.

Interview Wrap-Up and Interviewees’ Closing Thoughts

At the close of the interview, interviewees provided thoughts and advice on how to ensure the quality and effectiveness of CHEMM. They recommended the CHEMM Team commit to a sustained program of getting user input, testing, and evaluating effectiveness, and that they keep making refinements after CHEMM is on the market. They also reiterated the need to ensuring that CHEMM uses trusted, credible information, and that it is designed to be simple to use given the high-pressure nature of the scenarios where it will be used. They also suggested developing strategic partnerships in the stakeholder and user community to continue promotion and obtaining real-world feedback. Some reiterated the need to clearly communicate about CHEMM potential uses and to consider broader uses and features for CHEMM.

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