Step 1: Define the Opportunity

The initial step in the Process is to form a Communications Team and define the biosolids outreach and dialogue opportunity. This is vital to ensuring that the team members have a clear statement and shared understanding of the common goal, how that goal will be achieved, and how success will be measured.

A Biosolids Team was formed in each case. In Tulsa, the Team comprised the lead manager, operations manager, and administrative manager from the City of Tulsa Public Works, as well as a research project advisor from WERF. In Virginia, the Team comprised seven representatives from the Virginia Biosolids Council member organizations, which included large and small community wastewater treatment facilities, biosolids management companies, and biosolids consulting services.

Through facilitated discussions, the Teams developed opportunity statements similar to the sample shown as follows. In both cases, the opportunities focused on gaining the local stakeholders’ trust and confidence in the value that their programs provide, through community-focused outreach and dialogue.

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