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A short course of lectures
«100 Questions & Answers About Your Daughter Sexual Wellness and Development»

FOUR. HYGIENEWhat causes dermatitis in the genital area?How can my daughter choose the right tampon?What are the permanent methods of contraception?What is hepatitis C?What are breast buds?What is "sexualization"?What can my daughter do to relieve breast pain?Should my adolescent daughter use antiperspirants or deodorants?Are professional piercers regulated?What should I know if my daughter says she wants a body piercing?How do condoms protect against STDs and pregnancy?How common are STD infections?What are the benefits of abstinence?How can I make it safer for my daughter to get a tattoo?What can be the health effects of getting a tattoo?How frequently will my daughter have periods?What menstrual issues should prompt me to take my daughter to a doctor?SEVEN. THE HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS VACCINE What should my daughter know about tattoos?What is the rhythm method?How does a vaginal ring work?Is my daughter too young for birth control?Are tattoos regulated?What should my daughter know about sanitary pads?What is a contraceptive sponge?What do I need to know about my daughter's first menstrual cycle?FIVE. YOUR DAUGHTER'S FIRST VISIT TO A GYNECOLOGISTCan tattoos be removed?What body changes accompany menstruation?What are the different types of sanitary pads?ELEVEN. OTHER ISSUES AFFECTING YOUNG DAUGHTERTEN. BODY ARTHow large will my daughter's breasts get?What will happen at my daughter's first visit to the gynecologist?When should I expect my daughter to have her first period?What should I do if one of my daughter's breasts is bigger than the other?What are the HPV vaccines?NINE. THE “SEXUALIZATION” OF YOUNG GIRLSWhy are bladder infections more common in younger girls?What does my daughter need to know about birth control pills?How can I protect my daughter against sexual abuse?What does an adolescent think sex is?What are some of the more common psychological issues seen in adolescent females?How does a diaphragm work?Are girls engaging in sex at a younger age?Are the HPV vaccines recommended for adolescent girls?What should my daughter know about pubic hair removal and styling?THREE. SANITARY PADS AND TAMPONSSWhat is genital herpes?What should I know about the risks of suicide in adolescent girls?How are tattoos created?What are the warning signs for depression in my adolescent?What are the symptoms of TSS?What is coitus interruptus?Can my daughter become pregnant as soon as she starts menstruating?EIGHT. BIRTH CONTROLSIX. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASESWhat is Implanon?What are the side effects of the HPV vaccines?What is syphilis?Are there helpful tips for inserting tampons?ForewordWhat is Toxic Shock Syndrome?Are cervical caps similar to diaphragms?What are genital warts?What are the different types of tampons?As a mother of a daughter entering puberty, what skin care advice can I give her?How does an adolescent girl's period differ from that of an adult woman?What is hepatitis B?When should my daughter start wearing a training bra?What are some tips for buying my daughter's first bra?What are the different types of intrauterine devices (IUDs) available?What protection do the HPV vaccines provide?Is the contraceptive patch safe and effective?What should I know about eating disorders?What is emergency contraception?ONE. BREAST DEVELOPMENTHow is HPV transmitted?What are the more common forms of drug abuse among adolescents?How should the ear piercing process work?What symptoms will my daughter experience during her periods?What is HIV?What should I do if my daughter's piercing site gets infected?What is "cutting"?What is my daughter's risk of getting TSS and how can she avoid it?What can be done to reduce body odor?When will my daughter enter puberty?How does Depo-Provera work?When should my daughter use tampons?How common is alcohol abuse among adolescents?What myths about tampons are circulating on the Internet?Why is my daughter starting to suffer from acne?What are important facts to know about sexual abuse among adolescents?What are signs of breast problems in my daughter?What is molluscum contagiosum?Will insurance pay for the HPV vaccines?What exactly does an HPV infection mean to my daughter?What is gonorrhea?TWO. MENSTRUATIONShould my adolescent daughter consider breast implants?What are reusable menstrual pads?What is chlamydia?What are barrier methods of contraception?What is a female condom?Should my daughter receive the HPV vaccine?Why are preventive health visits important?Should my daughter be shaving and waxing?How important are condoms in preventing STDs?What cancers are associated with HPV?What is an average menstrual flow?What is trichomoniasis?
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