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A short course of lectures
«100 Questions & Answers About Alcoholism»

Is alcohol a drug?Vascular DementiaMy teenager has a serious problem with marijuana. He constantly points out that I drink., and therefore, he doesn't see the problem with his marijuana use. What do I tell him?When and how was alcohol discovered?What aspects of alcoholism are voluntary or involuntary?Does it matter how long I stay in an inpatient program? How successful are they?Anxiety, Insomnia, and DepressionMy daughter refuses to take the medication prescribed and continues to abuse drugs and alcohol. She repeatedly points out that she doesn't see any difference between a drug that the doctor prescribed to help her moods and the more "natural" approach that she chooses. How do I counter that?Are there any alternative treatments or herbal remedies for alcoholism?What is detoxification, and how do I know whether I need it?Are vaccines available for various addictive drugs?I got into a vicious cycle using alcohol to come down from cocaine. The doctors tell me that I'm an alcoholic, but my drug of choice has always been cocaine. Do I need to be concerned?Psychotropic EffectsIs the treatment approach for adolescents different than adults?Asian AmericansI have been prescribed a medication off-label. Does that mean that it is experimental?When I stopped drinking, I started smoking a lot more. I'm afraid that if I try to quit smoking I may go back to drinking. What can I do?Long-Term Treatment with BenzodiazepinesInformed ConsentWhat is the morbidity and mortality associated with alcoholism?I have cirrhosis of the liver. Is that reversible?Characteristics of Alcoholic FamiliesTreatmentWhat is the link between alcoholism and violence?I had withdrawal seizures. Does that mean that I now need to take an anticonvulsant?What are my rights to refuse treatment?I. The BasicsEvolutionSocial WorkersHow is acamprosate different from other medications?My employer ordered me into treatment or risk getting fired? What are my rights?TopiramateAll of the programs I attend are group based. I really feel I need some individual treatment. What should I do?Risk, Prevention, and EpidemiologyAfrican AmericansIV. TreatmentMy baby was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. What is that, and what does it mean for my baby?What is the prevalence of alcohol use and alcoholism?What are some of the triggers to relapse?The Elements Necessary to Refuse TreatmentWhat is A SAM, and what are the criteria for placement in a particular program?Genitourinary/Endocrine Systems and MetabolismMy teenage child is taking a class trip to Germany where drinking is permitted. Is that a problem?I understand that Re Via is an opiate. I have never been addicted to opiates. Why would that be prescribed, and will I become addicted?Genetic and Environmental FactorsHow successful are the various treatment options?V. Associated ConditionsPsychologistsFactors Associated With Drinking and Older PersonsWhat other medications are prescribed for alcoholism?What medications are used for detoxification?Cardiovascular SystemMusculoskeletal SystemWhat are DTs?How do you know whether you are an alcoholic?What different kinds of medications are available for alcoholism?I was arrested for a DUI. What should I do?What is addiction?Who is qualified to diagnose and treat alcoholism?Distinguishing Discontinuation SyndromesWhat is a dry drunk?What are the medical consequences of alcoholism?ModelingInheritanceYoung Children of AlcoholicsThe Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialists or the Nurse PractitionersWhat exactly is an "intervention"?How do African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian Americans compare with respect to risk of developing alcoholism? What resources are available for women whose spouses are alcoholic and abusive?What is rehabilitation, and how is it different from AA?Health BenefitsMy spouse just returned from the service over seas. He refuses to talk about the time over there. He says he needs to drink because he has nightmares and trouble sleeping. I am worried that he is an alcoholic. What can I do?What is the impact of alcoholism on children?Is there a gateway drug that can lead to alcoholism?Chronic InsomniaWhat other risk factors are associated with alcoholism?Survey of TeensWhat is AA, and how does it work?A family member hears voices even when he is not drinking. Is it caused by the alcohol or does he have schizophrenia?I heard of a new injectable form of medication for alcoholism. What is it, and what are its advantages?What is co-dependency? How do I know if I am co-dependent, and what can I do about it?What causes the disease of alcoholism?My family member is an alcoholic and refuses to get help. What should I do?Are there any biological tests that aid in the diagnosis of alcoholism?How do chemicals work in the brain?What is the DSM-IV?OndansetronAre there other neurological effects of alcoholism?How are alcoholism and mood disorders linked?Alcohol-Related DementiaNeurons and NeurotransmittersMy spouse has mood swings along with his/her addiction problem. Could he or she have bipolar disorder?I am worried about my employer finding out about my treatment. How can I prevent his or her finding out?How are men and women different in their responses to alcohol?What is the difference between type I and type II alcoholics?Alcohol Treatment for AdolescentsAdult Children of AlcoholicsNature Versus NurtureHow old do my children need to be before I start talking to them about alcohol?What are the screening tools available for alcoholism, and are they reliable?Harris Interactive Survey of ParentsWernicke/Korsakoff's SyndromePsychiatrists How is alcoholism a disease?Alcohol Withdrawal SyndromeHow is treatment different for someone with a dual diagnosis?Marijuana EffectsI am concerned that my teenager is drinking. I have heard about parents having "key parties" in their homes to ensure that the teens don't drive home drunk. What are they fVI. Special PopulationsI have heard the term "impaired professional. " Do professionals have similar problems with alcohol or drugs as others? If I suspect that a professional is impaired, what should I do?Gastrointestinal SystemCan alcoholism cause dementia?Operant ConditioningIf I am suffering from continued anxiety after achieving sobriety, can I continue to take Ativan or similar antianxiety medication?Life-Threatening ConditionsTwin and Adoption StudiesRespiratory SystemMy mother has been drinking wine daily since my father died. Could she be an alcoholic, or does she need treatment for depression?What is the Prometa® treatment protocol for alcoholism?Classical ConditioningNative AmericansDifferences Distinguishing the Benzodiazepines From One AnotherAre there any medications that I should avoid if I have hepatitis?What is a safe level of alcohol consumption?Treatment for InsomniaAm I eligible for a liver transplant if my liver failure is from my alcoholism?Does alcohol affect older persons differently?I read somewhere that drinking alcohol was good for you. Is that true?Learning TheoryVII. Surviving AlcoholismSleep ArchitectureWhat makes alcohol addictive?Alternatives to Benzodiazepines in the Management of AnxietyHow do I know whether my child is just experimenting with alcohol and drugs or has a real problem with them?Are certain religious groups at greater risk for alcoholism?Where can I get more information?What is alcohol dependency?What is the difference between a faith-based program and others?GlossaryI understand that some programs teach alcoholics to drink moderately. How successful are those programs?What is the risk of inheriting alcoholism?II. DiagnosisWhat is Antabuse, and how does it work?What sexual problems does alcohol cause?I grew up in another country where alcohol was part of the culture and teenagers were allowed to drink. Why cant I continue that tradition with my own children?What is alcohol?Ever since I quit drinking I cant sleep at night. What should I do?Insulin SensitivityHow does alcohol affect the brain?What are my rights to privacy?What is alcohol abuse?Will I ever be able to drink again?We are thinking about moving to a rural area to avoid the drug and drinking problems that our children are exposed to in the city. Do rural Americans, especially teens, have similar problems with alcohol or drugs?Why do humans use alcohol?Is alcoholism a disease or just a bad habit?What are the different kinds of outpatient and inpatient rehabilitations?Guidelines For ParentsHispanicsHematologic and Immune SystemsAcknowledgmentsAm I at risk for other kinds of addictions if I have been addicted to alcohol?I was drinking during my first trimester of pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant. What are the risks to my unborn baby?I experimented with drugs and alcohol as a teen and grew out of it without the need for treatment. So why are they telling me that my daughter needs treatment?
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