Where to from here?

Our investigation was carried out with only 23 undergraduate students and we used no systematic method to ensure that the students who participated possessed profiles that reflected the demographic profiles of the student populations in the corresponding institutions and locations. There are therefore obvious limitations in the extent to which our findings can be generalized. In future research, it would be useful to examine students' views and perceptions about the same thinking skills issues, but with the use of other groups of students, in other institutions, and in other locations. Other methods of data collection could also be employed, such as the use of questionnaires, which would enable larger samples of students to convey their opinions on these issues.

It would also be helpful in future research to examine not just self-reports but also students' actual use of the target thinking skills in the work they produce. The effects of providing instruction on these thinking skills, particularly on student competencies as may be observed through work they produce, would also be an important future direction to take in research. It would be important to identify any variations in student performance that may relate to cultural factors—including, for example, language—so that they could be addressed as may be deemed appropriate.

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