The Ambivalence of Dissent

At first glance geek goddess Jolie’s attempt is an effort to render a voice out there in defense of Filipinas who are subjected to these stereotypes. Shouldn’t we celebrate any attempt then to project one, and to clarify from a position that is stereotypically viewed as victimized but in this case resisting that victimization (I’m a local Pinay girl, so goes the author as a way to introduce herself, and therefore the expert when it comes to the real situation of Filipinas)?

We can sense her exasperation; indeed, it is frustrating to deal with stereotypes about Filipinas thrown around like that. Cyberspace’s perceived democratic nature can then be used as a platform to dispel these debilitating stereotyped images that run contrary to how geek goddess Jolie regards herself. However, as we probe deeper, she extols still the very stereotypes she so hopes to dismiss. Asking for understanding from her readers, “Forgive me for the slightly feminist tone,” she endeavors to present Filipinas as more complicated, nuanced women than the commonly held image as “liberated yet respected,” “prim and proper,” as expected of them—nice, Catholic girls that they are—yet “friendly and approachable.” And if the author appears conflicted, we should understand. She is writing in a travel website after all. There is no point in scaring potential foreign partners who access http:// that boasts of 1,676,739 registered travelers all over the world.

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