The Tentacles of Andrarchy and Neo-Liberal Capitalism in Cyberspace

In reality, the internet operates under the mechanizations of the intertwining ideologies of andrarchy and neoliberal capitalism that are especially violent against women. While andrarchy is an ideology that regards women as inferior to men, neoliberal capitalism is an economic model that emphasizes “fair” competition, “free” trades, liberalization, privatization and commodification. According to David Roberts both legitimize the superiority of masculine thought, ideals, and practices.25 Both are hegemonic in so far as their manifestations are global, deeply entrenched and unchallenged. The dominance of masculine ideologies means that women have been, for the longest time, considered inferior to men in terms of intelligence, physical strength and overall value. The implication of acceptance of both ideologies is the belief that women can be commodified; that they are passive sex objects. Andrarchy and neoliberal capitalism are very much evident in the representation and production of vulnerable bodies in cyberspace. Such representation of women in the Net sells!

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