Personal, Familial and Societal Development

We shall now examine to what extent call center jobs help women workers in their personal, familial, and social development.

Personal Development

From the perspective of our interviewees, call centers provide workers avenues to grow and become better persons.

Women’s Empowerment

For the respondents, the call centers’ policy of non- discrimination based on age, religion, ethnicity, sex, and gender promote women’s empowerment. Women are given the chance to work and many of them handle leadership posts. Jen considers her post as a team leader a challenge to be more creative and efficient. Cris acknowledges that she is given the opportunity to deliver what she can give for the company. Nice likes the freedom to be creative in her workplace. The free and non-discriminating environment in call centers provides women and even the lesbians/gays/transvestites/bi-sexuals/queer (LGBTQ) an avenue to express themselves better and not feel marginalized or ostracized. Cris, who is separated from her husband, did not feel any condemnation from her company about her status.

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