Security Concerns

Article 130 of the Philippine Labor Law prohibits night work for women. However, currently 60 percent of women call center agents work at night. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on its part, has responded to the needs of the industry through exemptions and health and safety regulations but still lawmakers have lagged behind in amending the law. Security threats and harassments experienced by night shift workers coming from home to their workplaces are pressing concerns. Since DOLE has relaxed its rules to allow call centers to employ women workers at night shift duties, this should be matched by the industry with appropriate safety and health benefits such as free shuttle services at night.

Another concern is the need for call centers to operate regardless of the weather conditions in the country. Since they are servicing clients outside the country where the conditions are different, they are not allowed to be absent even when the weather is bad. Some call center firms provide shuttle buses to transport their workers but others do not. Che and Anning are fortunate to avail of free transportation services but Jen, AC, Nice and Cris use public transportation to go to work.

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