Right to Form Unions

Sadly, there are more than 300,000 employed in the BPO sector, yet there is no registered union or association of employees in the indus- try.29 According to labor advocate Escresa-Colina, it has been reported that BPO employees are being discouraged by the management during their training from joining or forming unions. Some companies even have a “no-union” provision that is clearly stipulated in preemployment contracts—a direct violation of the Constitution.30 Che explains that the company encourages themto relay their concerns to the human resource department. When asked why there are no unions, the respondents could not give a clear reason.

Some opine that the Philippine call center workforce does not have much incentive to unionize although the prospect of industry-wide unionization cannot be ruled out completely. Despite the efforts of the companies to protect its workers, there is still a need to have a group that would defend employees’ rights. Company owners and executives, meanwhile, have industry associations that actively lobby for better government support for their continuous expansion and profit.31

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