III Religion and Cyberspace

Sacralizing Time and Space through an Epistemology of Peace: A Feminist Reading of DiscipleSFX of Malaysia

Sharon A. Bong

The aim of this paper is to offer a feminist reading of DiscipleSFX to explore the ways in which they engender an epistemology of peace as a Christian response to the hollow rhetoric and exclusionary practice of the State in managing ethnic, cultural and religious diversity in Malaysia. DiscipleSFX’s epistemology of peace potentially sacralizes time and space. It provides a counter-narrative to the narrative-of- becoming of a nation-state that exemplifies a masculinist linearity of time: the march of progress from colonialism to postcolonialism. It also provides an alternative and arguably feminized space of mutuality and heterogeneity to the State’s assimilationist practices of eliding differences that matter among its diverse citizenry—for the sake of peace—where Christians are an ethnic and religious minority in Malaysia.1

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