Integration of Spirituality and Technology

According to latest statistics, in the next decade, trillions (not just millions) of devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and other tablets will be networked, doing far more than enabling simple communications— connecting not just industries, but practically every aspect of life with the hope of enabling our lives. Such a movement in new technologies is unstoppable. The Church cannot afford to be left behind or go against such an unstoppable trend, as this is where the movement of life is happening. We, therefore, need to integrate spirituality and technology for the sake of the Gospel and in bringing about God’s reign into cyberspace. We must see God present in every aspect of human invention and take on the “animist” belief that the sacred is present in everything and, therefore, God can also be present in technology that is an extension of God’s ongoing creation with humans as active partners and participants. As technology continues to evolve, communities are also transforming into social cyborgs35 as larger networks of communication are being developed connecting communities and organizations globally and where some technical functions are taken over by machines.

In the process of integrating spirituality and technology, solitude is an important ingredient. Experts remind us that the shift to a Face- book world of incessant “friending” is a “seductive fantasy” that is weakening us as individuals and as a society especially when our capacity for solitude is not developed but replaced instead by incessant online updates.36

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